The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Was Uninvited to Wedding After She Made Rude Comments About Her Daughter’s Fiancé (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman uninvited to her daughter’s wedding after she made rude comments about her fiancé. The woman wrote into the morning show that she had been married to her husband for many years, and they had two daughters. The woman said she and her husband visit their daughters often because one of them just had a baby with her husband, and the other is getting married, informed Shirley Strawberry.

    The letter writer said she and her husband do not like the soon-to-be “knock-kneed” son-in-law, and they often make fun of their young grandchild, said Strawberry. “It’s what we do,” said the woman. “We like to people-watch and laugh for hours at silly stuff no matter where we are.” The jokes are not offensive, the woman claimed. However, her daughter does not feel the same way and has uninvited her mother from the wedding because of her jokes. The “shocked” mom said she did not know what to do.  

    Not only is the woman and her husband not invited to the wedding, but the soon-to-be son-in-law has also challenged the older father-in-law to a race in defense of his “knock-knees.” The woman said her husband might get hurt trying to race the younger man.

    Strawberry said the problem with the two men is that they have egos. “Your husband knows he can’t talk about somebody’s baby. Even his own grandbaby,” added the morning show host. Strawberry advised the woman not to share her and the husband’s jokes with their children anymore. “Your daughters are really, really sensitive right now, so keep those jokes to yourselves,” she informed.

    Strawberry said the race would be a disaster and is a “lose, lose” situation for them both. “This is about to be one raggedy a** race of all times,” said Nephew Tommy. He said a “knock-kneed” man racing an old man is a recipe for disaster. If the two competitive men go along with the race, there will be no wedding, informed Tommy, who said he had personal experience with races when he raced Coach Prime and lost.

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