The Steve Harvey Show Discusses a Woman Whose Ex-Husband Lives with Her Sister (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discusses a woman whose ex-husband lives with her sister. The woman said she has been divorced for four years and has a 7-year-old child caught up in the dysfunctional “mess” with her ex.

    The woman said that her sister was a pillar of support throughout her divorce and she relied on her advice because the sibling had been through three divorces. The ex-wife said there were signs of something going on, but she did not notice because she was “going through hell.”

    Eventually, the sister began calling the ex-wife at work a lot. The woman thought her sister was calling to check on her; however, she found out later that was not the case. The phone calls were to ensure she was at work because the sibling was in her bed with her ex-husband during those times, said Strawberry. The woman said she found out the details from her husband, who seemed relieved to tell her the truth.  

    Currently, the sister lives with her ex-husband, and they plan to marry. The woman said her son knows she does not get along with his aunt; however, he does not know why. The small child wants to know why his mother does not live with his father, and instead, her sister does. “His auntie hurt his mommy really bad,” was the response the woman gave the boy.

    The woman said she is bitter and feels resentful towards her sister and the ex-husband, said Strawberry. Someone suggested counseling to the woman, but she said therapy might not be enough to give her the peace of mind she seeks for herself and her son.

    Strawberry commended the woman on not reacting physically and violently towards her “trifling” sister and ex-husband. The ex-husband does not seem to care how the situation affects his son, who should be the primary focus. Strawberry encouraged the woman to be strong because the kid was confused. The morning show host agreed that the woman should go to counseling.

    Harvey said, what he wants to do to the sister and ex-husband he cannot say on the radio or recommend. He said that the fact that this sister has been married three times says a lot about her, and he does not think the marriage to the ex-husband will last.

    The upside to the situation is that the wife found out about the affair after the divorce, said Harvey. The wife would have been devastated to know about her sister and ex-husband’s relationship sooner, he added.

    “There is a reason why you didn’t know this during,” said Harvey. “Because that would have been gut-wrenching. I’m pretty sure it is now.”

    Harvey said the best thing for the woman to do is to move on. The radio DJ said the woman should let the man see his son. Being without a father is worse than the son asking questions about his aunt. Harvey said the woman needs “counseling and prayer” to get through the hurt and pain.


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