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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Thinks Her Husband is Cheating While She is at Work (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who believes her spouse is being unfaithful while she is away at work. A woman wrote into the Steve Harvey show to say that she was headed for a divorce if her husband did not stop playing her for a fool, said Shirley Strawberry.

The letter writer said she works the third shift as a dispatcher but makes sure her children are ready for bed before she leaves for work. The woman went on to say that she believes she is a great mother and an even better wife, said Strawberry. That is why she gets upset if her husband criticizes her wifely duties.

The wife said her husband began complaining about sleeping alone the past couple of weeks. She moved to the 3rd shift to take a promotion, and she is the breadwinner in their home. She said she did not expect her husband to complain about her not being home at night because they are intimate, and she is always attentive to his needs. However, recently she woke up in the middle of the night to him, not in bed. She crept downstairs and heard him speaking on the phone to another woman. Her husband was whispering and aroused. Now she wants advice.

Strawberry said that the wife is looking for a reason her husband may be cheating. However, there may be no reason. He may be cheating because he wants to. Shirley agreed that the woman sounded like a great wife and a wonderful mother. Strawberry also agrees that the couple might be heading for a divorce because of the husband’s behavior.

There was part of the letter that Steve Harvey disagreed with. The wife says she had sex with her husband twice daily and has never denied him intimacy in 13 years. Harvey did not believe that. Also, Steve Harvey went into detail about the letter and did not understand the wife’s thinking in response to the way she responded when she woke up in the middle of the night and he was on the phone with another woman. Steve Harvey could not believe that the woman did nothing but go back to bed with a snide remark.

Steve questioned whether the husband was cheating or not and said they could have been different explanations for what the wife thought she heard and saw.

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