The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses the Latest Update on Takeoff’s Shooter: “They Know Who Killed Takeoff, But They Just Can’t Prove It” (video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the latest update on Takeoff’s shooter. Cameron Joshua, who also goes by the name Lil Cam, 22, has been arrested for felony gun possession, said Da Brat. The morning show host said, according to sources, it is unclear if Joshua is responsible for shooting Takeoff.

    As previously reported, Takeoff was fatally shot on November 1 in Houston. He was just 28 years old, said the radio host. Da Brat wanted to know what the charges meant. Rickey Smiley said the charges indicated that Joshua was “somehow” proven to have had a gun.

    While he is in jail, authorities are probably trying to get Joshua to tell the truth, explained Smiley. The gun is probably being tested to see if it matches the weapon that killed Takeoff, he added.  

     “All the footage that I saw, it really points to him. The way he was positioned in that whole situation… They know who killed Takeoff, but they just can’t prove it,” said Smiley.

    Police are probably holding Joshua on the gun charges until they can prove that he killed Takeoff, and then more charges will be filed, Smiley noted.

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