Rickey Smiley Discusses Sasha Obama Getting Dragged on Social Media For Wearing Expensive Bag Made by Black Designer: “People are Starving And Crying For Food” (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses Sasha Obama getting dragged on social media for wearing a designer bag while on her way to class. The President’s daughter is receiving backlash after critics on social media scrutinized the bag for its hefty price, said Gary With Da Tea.

    Gary informed that the $700 TelFar bag caught major attention as the college student strolled through campus.

    “Everybody has a nice bag. She can’t have a nice bag to carry her books in?” said Da Brat.

    Sasha paired the assemble with a black dress, tan boots, and black socks. The center of her outfit was the large TelFar bag, and people were outraged, said Gary. He noted that the good thing about the bag is that a Black designer makes it. The bag is sturdy, and Sasha needs a sturdy bag to carry her books in, added the Da Brat.

    Since her father, Barak Obama, is no longer the President of the United States, she can carry whatever bag she wants, said Gary. However, even if her dad was still in office, Sasha should be able to sport her fashion style without scrutiny, said Da Brat. The morning show agreed that White children wear what they want when a parent is in office.

    Rickey Smiley said he would not mind his child wearing an expensive designer bag if the bag was affordable to his offspring because he would not pay for it. He said Walmart has excellent bags, and Maria More agreed that the bags at Walmart were sturdy as well.


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