Steve Harvey Says He Would Never Wait for a Woman While She Served Jail Time (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey said he would never wait for a woman while she served jail time in reference to Shereé Whitfield waiting eight years for her boyfriend to get released from prison. However, the reality star has moved on.

    There is a new couple alert as Whitfield is dating “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt. Allegedly the couple met through reality producer Carlos King. The two said they have been dating for about two months.

    Holt was a special guest on the Steve Harvey morning show last year when he talked about his divorce from his ex-wife Melody Holt.

    “That was supposed to be like a redemption tour… for him,” said Strawberry.

    Whitfield posted pictures of the two of them together on the beach. Recently she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Tyrone, who was released from prison after serving eight years for fraud. The morning show said, eight years is a long time for someone to serve in prison. Strawberry said the point is that Whitfield has moved on with her life.

    The morning show asked if Tyrone was upset that he was no longer in the picture. Strawberry said the former boyfriend was okay.

    “You have to watch the show Real Housewives of Atlanta; you’ll see that she was sitting at a restaurant outside… and he kind of ghosted her,” said Strawberry.

    Harvey said Tyrone made Whitfield wait because she is used to waiting. The fact that she waited eight years for him to get out of prison proves that she is a woman with patience, and Tyrone took advantage of that.

    “I’m not waiting on a woman in prison; I’m just going to put that out there. [if you] have you’re a** down there, better get yourself something started in there… I’m damn sure gonna get something started out here,” said Harvey.


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