The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Doesn’t Want an “Awkward” Situation After She Slept With Her Co-Worker’s Husband (video)


    A woman wrote into the Steve Harvey Morning Show to say she is divorced and dating again. Her special love interest is in a complicated marriage, said Shirley Strawberry. The woman said that weeks ago, she slipped up and had sex with the married man. Since then, the husband and woman have hooked up whenever possible, explained Strawberry.

    The woman said she knew the intimate details of the man’s marriage because she had worked with his wife previously. Strawberry said the two women worked as gift wrappers at the mall every holiday season.

    Eventually, the wife found out about the affair and came to the woman’s house while the husband was there engaging in sex with her, said the woman. The letter writer sent the husband outside to deal with his wife while she watched at the door, informed Strawberry. The woman witnessed the wife push the man down, and the two wrestled on the ground.

    After fighting with her spouse, the wife’s shirt was torn, and she didn’t have a bra on. As a friendly gesture, the woman handed the wife a hoodie to wear home. The woman said she was thankful the wife only had an issue with the husband. She wanted to know if she should reach out to the wife and apologize so she would not feel awkward if they crossed paths.

    Strawberry said the wife was going to have a problem with the woman regardless of whether she apologized for sleeping with her husband. The morning show host suggested the woman move and find a new place to live because once the wife comes to her senses, there will be “trouble.”

    “I really think you should cut them off, both of them, him and her,” said Strawberry. “Do not interact with him. Do not have sex with him. Do not text with him. Do not go anywhere with this woman’s husband.”

    Tommy said the problem with the wife is not over just because the woman “passed out a funky little hoodie.” The woman has a beat down on the way, added the radio host. He said, “she knows everything. she knows where you live, and I promise you… you can rest assured, come late November when y’all over there at that gift wrapping place you gonna get you’re a** whooped at that gift wrapping place.”


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