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O.J. Simpson

Does Anyone Still Think O.J. Simpson Didn’t Do it?

People of Earth, I have a very serious question. Is there anyone out there who still believes that O.J. Simpson didn’t do it?On Sunday FOX aired a “lost” O.J. interview. The footage was taped in 2006 when O.J. was getting ready to release a book about the murders titled If I Did it.

CBS Radio and Canon MAXIFY Printers Present Checks for Small Business Grant Challenge

CBS RADIO and sponsor Canon MAXIFY Printers are visiting multiple cities to present the Small Business Grant Challenge whereby one lucky local small business owner is awarded a $10,000 grant for presenting the most creative plan to expand their business while also doing good in their community.

After Settling Discrimination Suit, AT&T Relationship Continues to Improve with Byron Allen

Radio Facts: A&T Continues to Improve Relationship after Lawsuit After filing a discrimination suit against several cable companies including AT&T, Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios secured distribution for its seven cable channels across DirecTV and U-verse after AT&T settled a racial discrimination this past December. Entertainment Studios, Inc., (www.es.tv) is proud to announce that its cable television

Bob Johnson Says Blacks Should Have No Permanent Friends or Enemies When it Comes...

How should Black American voters respond to the tectonic political rift and the stress of a permanently divided Nation that the election of Donald J.

Radio Legend with Alzheimers Facing Nursing Home Eviction

Now this is very different, quite often we are so accustomed to writing stories about sad, once prominent radio and music industry legends, who ran through their money and ended up with nothing.

Rapper Kid Cudi Checks into Rehab

Radio Facts: Rapper Kid Cudi recently checked himself into rehab. He states he has suffered from depression and suicidal urges for quite some time and he has not been at peace with himself.

Three Weeks of Urban Radio During the Shootings: The Good, the Bad and the...

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen four major shootings involving the police and black men. It is incredibly unfortunate that this is not new and has been a continuing major issue for decades.


Radio Facts: WENDY WILLIAMS SAYS LONI LOVE 'KNEW' ABOUT TAMAR BRAXTON'S EXIT FROM 'THE REAL' Today, Monday, May 23rd, on The Wendy Williams Show 'Hot Topics', Wendy weighed in on Tamar Braxton's exit from 'The Real', claiming that Loni Love "knew what was about to go own" when she was a guest on the show last week. Wendy Williams: "Weekend

RL Talks Getting Kicked Out of NEXT, R&B Fraternity, and Publishing Checks

Radio Facts: RL sat down with the Breakfast Club and tells the story of why he was kicked out the group. He also talks back the nature of the business and the lies that were told about him. He also addresses the viral video hit, "Why You Lying" and how it is has added 2.5 seconds to his fame.

BMW to Pay $1.6 Million in Federal Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: When I was a kid I remember we used to have some stupid joke if we saw a black man driving a BMW. I think we used to say Black Man Working or something like that because it was a symbol of class.

Tamar Braxton Talks Not Loving Herself

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Tamar Braxton, who is arguably the most popular Braxton sister for this generation is gaining popularity and cashing quite a few checks from different revenue sources. Everyone knows that fame and money can't buy you happiness but it certainly can help.
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 7.40.15 PM

DJ Mustard Talks Getting His Label Off the Ground

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: DJ Mustard dropped by the Hennessy Suite backstage at Powerhouse 2015 to talk to Mando Fresko about his new record label '10 Summers.

10 Singers/Rappers Who Wrote Their Own Biggest Hit Record

When it comes to writing hit records the Babyface's, Stevie Wonder's, Ne-Yo's, and Diane Warren's of the world have penned chart topping songs for more artists than we could even imagine. They are probably still living off royalty checks from the days when their pen first hit the pad for the first artist they worked with.
fees - word in letterpress type

Does Radio Need to PAY MORE than BMI, ASCAP, SESAC Usage Fees?

MUSIC LICENSING! The issue the industry has been fighting over for quite some time. Does Radio need to PAY MORE than BMI, ASCAP, SESAC usage fees? Guest Blogger Mitch Faulkner Radio has gotten into deep water with this issue since the internet music services began super serving music lovers and paying huge fees for the use of the music.

Industry Challenge: Is Donald Sterling Audio Doctored?

Radio Facts: Let's face it, all white people may not be racist but it certainly appears Donald Sterling is but how can he be racist (according to his grand Hair Club-ness)? He has black people working for him doesn't he? Shame on you and your thoughts!

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