Singer Eric Benét Discusses How Meeting Luther Vandross At a Radio Station Changed His Career: R&B Money Podcast (VIDEO)


    On the podcast “R&B Money Podcast” hosted by singer Tank and J. Valentine, Eric Benét discusses the first time he ran into Luther Vandross, and what the late singer said to him. 

    During episode two at 23:00, singer Eric Benet mentions that when he was a singer on the rise, and doing radio station rounds, he met the late singer Luther Vandross. Benet says that his initial plan was to thank Luther and go about his way. However, Vandross said something to him that changed his life forever. 

    Benet says that he met Vandross when he was leaving an interview at the radio station when he stopped Benet and said “You know what? You’re doing it right.”

    “That’s all I needed,’ Benet said. “If you thought I was dope before? That’s probably when you heard me go in the studio and do that falsetto.”

    Eric says that it’s those type of moments that makes him want to strive to be better. 

    “The hunger doesn’t go away. The grind, the hustle, never, never, goes away.” 

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