RIP Nate Quick (a tribute)(pics).


Radio Facts: (KRNB PD and Radio Legend Nate Quick passed around 10pm last night and was surrounded by friends and family) I knew the time was near for Nate’s family to make the decision and I am not a person who sugar coats a situation so I didn’t do an update yesterday and got many emails asking why. Now you know. I talked to Nate several times in recent months and he never even hinted that anything was wrong. Even when it became obvious that something was wrong with the people that he worked with, he continued to do his airshift and his job because it was what he truly loved doing no matter what. Nate was someone who managed to roll with life’s variable punches with ease and he’s been through a lot. Nate talked about two things in almost every conversation we ever had, his late mother and his younger brother. He truly cherished those two people.
Nate was one of those people who believed in chronicling his industry tenure and I realize now how important these pictures are…   to show one’s children, great grand children etc… and even now to bring a smile to the many industry faces who feel like they have lost a friend. Nate would say to me “Man, I can’t believe you are running those old ass pictures!”  (acting like he was modest but at the same time, he would be glad I did) Nate was one of the few people who often broke the industry rule and he would actually take your call if you were not working (laugh) I am very sad and happy at the same time yet I feel Nate is at peace. It is incredibly evident to me now more than ever that only the good die young. Nate will be greatly missed but I know he is already running around and looking for a new PD gig and a new rap group to promote in the most major market of them all.. Heaven. Rest in Peace Nate..
Your friend,
kevRoss August 20, 2009