RF TIP: How to Prevent Yourself from Getting Screwed by Car Mechanics


Radio Facts:

I know this is an industry site but I also know that I can do whatever the fugI want on it. The other day I went to have my SUV repaired, which now has over 100,000 miles on it. Hey don’t judge me, I’m not trying to impress a soul, I don’t do interest and I don’t want a car payment.At any rate, I needed a left side hub bearing put on the front tire.   I trust mechanics as much as I do a child molesters in an unsupervised school yard full of children.   I view mechanics as the epitome of pure boiling hot dog sh… on a blazing hot summer day that I just stepped in with my new shoes and as people who would screw their own parents if they could get them to put down their canes and bend over. There should really be a law against what they do to people.I NEVER and I mean NEVER leave my car unsupervised even after I give them the key.. here’s why….Once you give them the key and you sit in the waiting room, they “prep” your car. That means they loosen screws, tweak sh… and poke holes. How do I know? I’VE SEEN THEM DO IT!   For this repair, I literally SAW the mechanic loosen the bolt in my RIGHT tire then come look for me to tell me my right bearings were shot as he moved the tire back and forth feigning concern for my safety (laugh) of course at a cost of $500.00 to me. To tighten a bolt that he loosened? What a piece of sh…. He had no idea I was stand ing right there looking when he tweaked my truck. I asked him if it had anything to do with him loosening the bolts and he played stupid and nervously starting smoking a cigarette like a bitch. I told him I saw him do it and of course he pussied up and    denied it.   It then went over to the car and showed him what he did and he said Oh, that IS lose, I didn’t see that.I almost went to jail that day. I could have left that shop and gotten into a serious accident as that tire popped off.So my suggestion NEVER and I mean NEVER leave your car unsupervised for one minute and ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION and BEWARE of the LIFE or DEATH mechanic (you better get this fixed now). They may get mad if you ask to watch but fugem, watch anyway. NEVER leave your car plan to spend the day right there watching. They will get pissed at you and take FOREVER to fix your car as payback but you could save hundreds. Like this tip, let me know, I’ll post more.K


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