The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions If Ime Udoka Should be Forgiven for Cheating on Nia Long (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show questioned if Ime Udoka should be forgiven for cheating on Nia Long. Reports claim Nia Long’s “spiritual husband” is being suspended from his job as the head coach of the Boston Celtics over allegations that he had an affair with one of his subordinates, said Gary With Da Tea.

    Da Brat wanted to know what a spiritual husband was. Gary said he was not sure. Rickey Smiley said the two were together.

    Gary said Udoka is facing disciplinary action that is expected to include a significant suspension. He is suspended for engaging in a consensual intimate relationship with a woman from the franchise’s staff. The woman has not been named, but rumors are circulating about who her identity is.

    Gary said he hopes the mistress is not a woman of European descent. Long is a great actress and person, the morning show agreed. Smiley said Long is a difficult woman to replace and did not understand how anyone could cheat on her. “You don’t cheat on anybody that got that walk-off,” he said.

    Long and Udoka share a child. They were “not legally” married in June of 2021.

    The morning show debated if Udoka would be forgiven or if that was the end for him. Gary said Long is “publicly humiliated” and the NBA star should not be forgiven. However, Black Tony noted that the spiritual husband deserves three strikes, and this is only his first.


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