Redman Latest Artist to Make His Own Rules in the Music Business

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In this day and age, artist using all the independent platforms available to them to put out their own music. It seems that so many artists are avoiding the standard industry 360 deals. For all those not familiar with the business of music, a standard 360 deal  just means that the label takes a cut of any revenue you generate from any source. If you make money from merchandising, they get a cut of that. If you make money from touring, they get a cut of that. If you make money from film/TV, they get a cut of that also.  New Jersey hip hop music artist, Redman took to his twitter to let his fans know exactly how he planned to release his newest music. He also hinted at a new Redman and Method Man album.  Check out his series of tweets below.Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.48.36 PM



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