Congratulations to The Amazing “Radio Facts 2011 45 Top DJ” WINNERS!!!!


Congratulations to The Amazing “Radio Facts 2011 45 Top DJ” WINNERS!!!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Radio Facts has NOT IN ANY WAY picked these winners. Winners were voted on by their fans on social networks, websites etc. some of the winners are no longer working at a station but were working at the start of the contest 10 weeks ago.

This contest got the MOST votes of any contest that we have done. DJs were asked to place code on all of their social networks to get their fans to vote for them.  We marketed the contest to a majority of radio stations, several DJ organizations and to MOST commercial radio DJs… The results are below. The statements under the winner’s names are comments made by some of their fans. This contest will be done again next year.

#45 D. Stone aka “Hypeman D. Stone” / KATZ-AM – Saint Louis , MO

(pictured: Hypeman)

Phenomenal talent. He was just featured in Ebony Magazine. He’s involved with the youth and the community of St. Louis through the radio station and the Young Fly & Saved Movement, of which he serves as vice president. The movement has amassed a following of over 200,000 through social networking mediums.

#44 EJ Greig / WIZF Wiznation – Cincinnati , Ohio 
EJ has only been in Cincinnati in a few months and has already made his mark. That’s just who he is. He is deeply rooted in community and a person of high integrity. I know this because our Michigan market lost him to Cincinnati and we miss him greatly!

#43 Todd Bryant / 97.3 River Country – Peoria , Illinois 

(pictured Todd Bryant)
Both Todd and Jen know how to keep the audience engaged and entertained. They also play the best country music on the radio. Both Jen and Todd are very approachable in person. As they are on air.

#42 Doug Banks / V103 – Chicago , Illinois 
They are the best DJ’s ever! They keep you informed about what’s going on in the Black Community, and all up to date news. They also play good clean music.

#41 Jeff Foxx / WBLS107.5 – New York , New York 

(pictured: Jeff Foxx)
Jeff Fox, the newest of the famed DJ’s of WBLS gets my vote. His program embodies the compass of direction of where WBLS is heading into the future of music. He’s about fun and given positive results of letting go of whatever!  His format of music lets you forget your worries and sail on. The combination of R&B and Dance lends focus to the next generation of music artist’s who also are growing up with WBLS.

#40 Tony Sculfield / WGCI 107.5 – CHICAGO , ILLINOIS 

#39 Trevor D / XL93 – GRAND FORKS , ND

#38 Shaila Scott / KISS FM – NY , NY

(pictured: Shaila Scott)

#37 Tom Joyner / Power 92- Chicago , IL
I feel Tom Joyner is a very good DJ who plays music that every generation can enjoy for many years.  He also makes me laugh so hard every morning when I really feel like going back to bed. Thanks to both of these excellent DJs I really have a lot to look forward to hearing every morning!

#36 John Mayer / WKCI – Hamden , CT 
He has great energy. Always keeps me interested in listening to the station. Makes me laugh. I love the music he plays. Funny, entertaining

#35 Trey the Chocolate Jock / 92.3 – Chicago , IL (no longer working at the station)

#34 ToshaMakia / WJMH 102.1 – Greensboro , North Carolina 
Love the show….They give back to the community..they deserve it. Hard working crew!!!

(pictured: ToshaMakia)

#33 Hal Jackson / WBLS – New York City , New York State
Hal Jackson is the best DJ on the air and he is a legend

#32 Yolanda Neely / magic 103.9 – savannah , Georgia 
She is a great jock and a great person!

#31 Ro Digga / WENZ Cleveland – Cleveland , Ohio 
Ro Digga has Star Power! Her personality truly shines thru over the mic, in the community, station events, big shows, etc! She embodies all that it takes to not only reach her audience, but impact them as well. She’s won a national award thru Radio One – “Mouth Almighty” (Personality who has the most interesting things to say in between songs) via Frequency Magazine! She’s a define example of representing for her brand! She deserves this and then some!

#30 Steve Harvey / National – Atlanta , GA.
I like his whole team and what they bring to the air. He flows from being real to his comic talents. He also brings on excellent guests. He has a very positive vibe when it comes to black people and black young men.

#29 Roland Bynum / KJLH FM – Los Angeles , CA
I like Roland’s flow and style. I admire the way he reaches out to the Recovery Community and his selection of Oldies is on point!

#28 Kimmie Taylor / KBLX – San Francisco , CA 

(pictured: Kimmie Taylor)
Kimmy LOVES music and keeps us up to date on what’s new, and what she likes on FaceBook!

#27 DJ Quest / 105.5 The Beat – Ft. Myers , Florida
Quest is a a great radio personality and does a lot of charity work in the community. A great real life person as an entertainer. Zeto is a blast to get me through my morning. I’d not survive without him keeping my mind fresh.

#26 Brian Sizemore / WANV 96.7  – London , Kentucky
(pictured: Brian Sizemore)

Well the reason why I would choose Brian is b/c not only is he great and professional to listen to but if you ever get to see him at a live remote he brings something out in ppl he gets involved with the ppl he was at a wrestling show and the way he treated everyone and got ppl excited he won me over thanking he was the best DJ I have seen or listen to

#25 Karen Vaughn / WZAK – Cleveland , OH 
Karen is The Diva DJ of Cleveland. She delivers as well as gives back to the City. Have enjoyed her Presence on the Radio since she has Arrived n Cleveland. A Freshness was added to the City. Karen also does middays for Star 99.7 in Charleston and The Flo 102.9 in Florence

#24 Cher Best / 96.3KISSfm – Augusta , GA.
Cher Best is the so much fun to listen to on the radio. She is funny and listening to her talk is like hearing a melody. She is smart and makes you think about the important topics. I have listened to other DJs, but of the ones I’d listen 24/7 she is the one I would choose.

#23 Kym Sellers / WZAK – Cleveland , Ohio

(pictured: Kym Sellers)
In spite of the fact that Kim has MS, she is always on the radio uplifting the community and playing music that benefits the listener’s. She is an awesome and dynamic person and worthy of this honor

#22 Lil’ Geezy / WEAS – Savannah , Georgia 

#21 SugarBear / 105.7 crush FM – Albany , New York
SugarBear is an awesome DJ

#20 Marcellus The Bassman Shepard / WEAA-FM – Baltimore , MD
Easy listening! You don’t have to change the station.

#19 DJ Bink / KBFB-FM – Dallas , Texas
I love DJ big bink because he is always working for the community and letting us know whats going on and helping out the community. he is a great DJ

#18 Binky Lee – KKXL / KKXL – grand forks , ND
Cuz Binky is funny and AWESOME! WOOOO!

#17 Antonio Johnson / KRNB – Dallas , TX 

(pictured: Antonio Johnson)

I love the music AJ plays on Sunday mornings on my to church he is the best DJ for Sunday gospel

#16 BDaht / 102 jamz – Greensboro , NC 
They are funny, been on air for years, and keep the triad entertained 24/7. Not only that, they have organizations to help people around the triad also.

#15 Santillion / 102 JAMZ – GREENSBORO , NC
Kyle is very entertaining, his comedy segments are hilarious, and his topics tend to be interesting, thought provoking, and intelligent.

(video Santillion and Bdaht interviewing Roland Martin)

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