Michael Baisden Responds to Skip Murphy and D.L. Hughley Replacing Him


1266845_10151702837757819_1718658752_oRuth Crespo wrote: Well Skip Murphy didn’t last long. Now D.L. Hugley? You know they need to bring Michael Baisden Show back.Baisden’s Response: I hope the industry is learning a valuable lesson. What we did in the afternoons was revolutionary, and it took a lot of hard work every single day for 0 years to put on a show with that much energy, great content, interaction with the audience, and social activism.  You can’t just flip a switch and make that happen overnight. Good luck to anyone trying to fill those shoes, I mean it sincerely, they have one helluva job ahead of them. Getting on the air in front of a national audience is one thing, staying on is another.EDITOR’S NOTE: “Ruth Crespo?”  From my own industry pro assessment. Baisden certainly caught Cumulus off guard when he left and he must have left quite an impression on them, they are basically out of the Black radio business at this point after selling that segment to Reach Media. Baisden may also be jumping the gun a bit as he’s right about Murphy but Hughley has a much better chance. He’s hungry, he’s intelligent, experienced in radio and relatively young and he’s eager.  Would I have cast the show the same way… well, I will stay quiet on that for a minute but I have confidence DL will work out fine.