Patti LaBelle Must Be in a "Good Mood" over Pie Sales


Brilliant marketing even though it was unintended, this is the new direction that sales and marketing is and SHOULD be going in for urban product. Online and direct… (can the middleman). There are virtually NO sweet potato pies on sale in the entire US during the Thanksgiving holiday. You can find MILLIONS of Pumpkin pies but black folks don’t eat Pumpkin pie (lol) so the platform for these types of food are HUGE during the holiday season. Now watch more celebs come forth with their food ideas. Why have black celebrities avoided this HUGE market for so long?We don’t need any more evidence to see the potential of the black dollar.  I could never see a marketing company being, connected, smart or savvy enough to hire someone like this to promote a sweet potato pie. Singer Patti LaBelle must be singing all the way to the bank after the internet craze created by a man by the name of James Wright basically did an online commercial for Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie sold at Wal-Mart saying that eating the pie turned him into Patti LaBelle. Almost sounding identical to Patti and reaching some of her incredible notes with ease fans went wild over the past week buying the pies as the video went viral being watched over 6 million times. Patti eventually called the man to say thanks. (How about thanking him with a check Patti?) No figures have been posted on sales yet.


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