Kevin Hart is Funny but it’s His Promotion Skills That Keep Him on Top


For many Kevin Hart is the funniest man on the planet right now but I also know some people who believe he is just ok compared to some other comedic legends. All the rhetoric doesn’t matter because Mr.Hart is guaranteed box office right now! Ride Along is expected surpass $120 Million today while About Last Night brought in an estimated $30 Million over this Valentines Day weekend.The funny part about it all is that some of the jokes are along the same lines in each film but his promotions game is unmatched. For Ride Along the man literally did several comedic ride-alongs that he hopes to turn into a franchise. He is constantly on Twitter and Instagram personally connecting with his fans.  As seen in this video, it was absolutely brilliant of him to do a pop up at a New Orleans  theater during All Star weekend and treat his fans to the movie, soda, popcorn, and photo opps.With these kind of numbers, expect Kevin Hart to not go anywhere anytime soon. His 15 minutes of fame is well into the second or third hour and shows no signs of trailing off. Kudos to you Kevin Hart for being proof that hard work pays off.


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