Katt Williams Radio Roast left Wanda Smith Rotisseried: Why Didnt She Come Back?



The Opportunity of a Lifetime Missed!

Every comedian and true radio Radio DJ in the industry has to be shaking their head at the opportunity that Wanda Smith missed by not coming back at Katt Williams and finishing him off during the unexpected radio roast this past week. The video got over 1 million national views and she had to know that was going to happen. She’s a comedian, right? Smith could be getting all kinds of radio syndication and TV offers if she had taken advantage of the opportunity but she chose instead to rest in peace. To ALL radio brethren and sistren: when an opportunity like this arises GO FOR BROKE… Futha Muck the radio corporation a BIGGER deal is coming. Go for it.Katt Williams Video roasting Wanda Smith


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