RF Review: WGCI and Marlon Wayans Hosts Miller Lite’s Comedy Competition

miller liteLast night, Radio Facts was in the building at the Park West on the North Side of Chicago for the Miller Lite Stand Up comedy event. At the Miller Time comedy competition with Marlon Wayans serving as the special guest judge along with Bob Sumner and Lil Rel, the packed house was rockin’ as DJ 33 1/3 from WGCI was on the one’s and two’s supplying the groove. Leon Rogers of WGCI’s Morning Riot served as the comedic host making it a night to get your ab exercising in without even working out.As for the competition, Thousands of votes from people around the globe narrowed down the competition, so what we witnessed last night was the up and coming elite of the Chicago comedians. Competitors Michael Issac, Marc Henderson, Kellye Howard, and Calvin Evans all had us literally laughing out loud. But it was Kellye Howard in the end that brought gut busting truth, animation, and character to her stand up routine to crown her, as Bob Sumner put it, “a new Queen of Comedy.” It’s not over yet, the final competition goes down in Atlanta so Kellye was fortunate enough to win the Chicago portion. With competition left in Dallas and New Orleans, it’s still anyone’s game to win. Be sure to check out each comic’s video from every city – then come back every day until August 18th and enter for your chance to WIN great prizes at

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