Kendra G and the WGCI Morning Takeover Crew is Receiving Major Love after Kanye Interview


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The internet is buzzing with excitement, love, and even a tad bit of contempt for the interview WGCI’s Morning Takeover did with Kanye West yesterday. The interview was extraordinary because the crew got Kanye to open up in a way that we haven’t witnessed in a long time. Yes, we are used to his rants or “ramp ups” but this was different.

He was still the confident Kanye but there was a true level of humility and realness in this interview. After radio personality Kendra G opened up about her feelings about his statements about slavery and his support of Donald Trump, the interview got real. Kendra’s face flowed with tears and her voice shook as she accepted Kanye’s apology about his slavery comments.

Ye also opened up about his bipolar disorder and he cried real tears because he felt he needed his day one friend in his corner, Don C so “shit like this want happen” to him anymore. I heard the interivew live and I knew the impact would be significant and that is so apparent based on the amount of love Kendra G and the rest of the crew is receiving on the internet.   When Ye came home, Kendra G, Leon Rogers, and Kyle Santillian brought him all the way back home with this interview.

Check out some of the love below.

one of the most real and inspired moments on the air, ever, was @KENDRAGMEDIA today

— Kate Brown (@kbcollegegrrl) August 30, 2018

that is the kanye interview I’ve honestly been waiting a LONG time for. so much vulnerability and humility. no ego. I got just as emotional from watching it. thank you @KENDRAGMEDIA for speaking from a pure and open heart and saying what needed to be said. ??

— queen jac.?? (@jacqueenin) August 30, 2018

Thanks Fred!

— KENDRA G (@KENDRAGMEDIA) August 30, 2018

Goodness. This interview is so emotional. When @KENDRAGMEDIA and @kanyewest started crying….. man.

— Alex Gervasi (@AlexontheMic) August 29, 2018


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