K Michelle Makes Harsh Point to Angela Yee During Breakfast Club Interview


Meanwhile in the rest of the world. Great radio can turn around in an instant. K Michelle, a frequent, friendly and funny guest on The Breakfast Club Radio Show was not happy about a situation that took place where she felt Angela Yee, didn’t have her back. Maino and Uncle Murda appeared on a prior segment of The Breakfast Club Radio Show and Murda made a comment about K Michelle having a “Smelly P&s#y.” She sternly addressed Angela Yee for not being more supportive, as a woman, when after the original segment was done, Yee brought it back up for extra laughs, which is what upset K Michelle who was trying to get support for her latest album release.Yee explained that she had not heard the original audio but K Michelle didn’t buy it stating that she should not have brought it up again. She ignored Yee for the remainder of the interview and states she isn’t F&c*ing with her anymore. Charlemagne and Envy had Yee’s back by diverting attention from the disagreement and K Michelle followed suit by still being a great guest but Yee was ignored by K Michelle for most of the interview after the confrontation and Yee didn’t ask questions or interject. Charlemagne tried to mend the situation to no avail.[flowplayer id=”170951″]

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