Fantasia Signs Home Over to the Bank?

fantasiaFantasia is making a huge comeback on the strength of her new music. “Lose to Win” is doing quite well on radio and on the charts and people seem to be excited and rooting for her to win.Fantasia is winning that regard but it seems like she is about to take a lose on her North Carolina mansion. It is true that Fantasia has had problems in the past with the keeping the home. In 2009, she almost got foreclosed on but was able to avoid it. In April of 2012, Fantasia put the house up for sale with an asking price of $800,000, which is $500,000 less than what she paid for it.TMZ is repairing that they have obtained court docs that show she has transferred the house over to the bank. According to court docs, Fantasia transferred the deed over to the bank in February.In the end, we just want Fantasia to win and we wish the best for her. It seems as if so many celebrities are losing their homes or going to jail for tax invasion these days.

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