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Auckland-based MC, JessB, today unveils her 3 Nights In Amsterdam mixtape out now via The Orchard. As one of New Zealand’s brightest exports, the six-track collection propels JessB’s rising status even higher as she masters new sonic landscapes and styles, pulling from dancehall, reggaeton, garage and electronic influences amid her trademark sass-leaning rhymes and hip-hop flavor. 


A deluxe demonstration of rap and unwavering energy, 3 Nights In Amsterdam exudes hype and is just as suited to a dance floor, as it is on stage. JessB’s infectious fierceness and inclusive verses are unrivaled, her confidence akin to a contemporary Missy Elliot.

As previewed via an accompanying video, “Bullseye” opens the mixtape to plucked notes over a sped-up reggaeton-style rhythm. “Do your dance, if you know you something,” is the invitational line from JessB between fast-paced and fiery verses. “We That Filth” continues with a dancehall-feel, winding up a hypnotic flow with sharply-cut raps that fall effortlessly in line with every beat. Next, “09 To The World Freestyle” opens to the line, “if you don’t do it for your hometown who will?” a long-carrying metaphor for JessB’s relentless drive and work ethic, on a track that’s testament to fearless artistry. 

Recent single, “Shut Up!” arrives next, packing a punching fusion of dancehall, reggaeton and hip-hop, and culminating in a pulsating dance floor heater that hooks from beat number one. JessB’s commanding lyrics and reigning confidence prevail over contagious four-on-the-floor bass lines, leaving a presiding message to, “shut up more and just listen.” Followed by prior single, “Pon It” masterfully splices an impactful directive of self-love w

ith thumping bass and sleek pop production that’s powerful and unapologetic in execution. JessB’s self-assured flex to her fearless talent continues on mixtape closer, “Drop Nuts.” Joined by New Zealand dancehall star, Rubi Du, the pair run through a feverish  and snappy release of melodic vocals and swift reggaeton rhythms, driving home a message of confidence and self-belief. 



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