Industry Vet B. Jeffery Grant Clark has Died


One of the great ones, a truly nice guy Jeff Grant has died. A significant memory I have of Jeff was when I posted something a few years back about a gospel artist on Radio Facts, and he called me and asked me to take it down. At that time, I was not taking instruction from anyone, but I had such great respect for him I did it. We were still good and talked on occasion after that.

He was very protective of the artist that he worked for. Jeff was a DJ in Buffalo at BLK and/or UFO when I was in high school, and he was a great jock who transitioned to records later in his career. He spent the greater part of his career working at RCA Inspiration. Jeff was truly loved, and the dedications are pouring in on Facebook and other socials. We will keep you posted on services.

Grant, Pastor John Gray and Kurt Franklin


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