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12 Years Since Industry Legend Frankie Crocker Passed (vintage pics)

It was the 70s, where black women wore their own hair and plastic surgery was only for accident victims. Look at these stunning women in all their natural beauty in the picture with Frankie, won’t you? I said LOOK! There has not been, is not currently nor will there EVER be another trailblazer like Frankie Crocker in urban radio. Today’s current corporations will make SURE of it. Mr. Crocker   broke ALL the rules and had a great time doing it. He was from my hometown (Buffalo) and I remember him on WUFO when I was very young in the 60s (the announcer in the video gets it wrong when he says Frankie started in NY radio). I met Mr. Crocker once in LA post WBLS. He was playing golf and enjoying his previously earned fortune. Had I known he’d be gone a short time after that, I would have had a much longer conversation with him. He died at 60 in 2000 and he would have been 72 this year. What an incredible honor to meet him and shake his hand. He’s the only other person I admire in the industry besides myself (and of course my clients, oh how I love thee too). All the youngens in Urban radio check out the video at the bottom so that you will have a TRUE appreciation for a LEGEND. R.I.P Chief Rocker (pics credit: G Keith Alexander)

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