Drive Thru Interview – Redd Roxx, WBLK, Buffalo


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urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip-hop music radio, black female singersWe LOVE profiling DJs from around the country and I was really impressed with Redd Roxx’s drive. She currently works at WBLK in Buffalo and is destined for even greater success.

Where are you from?REDD ROXX: I was born, raised and currently reside in the land of the (well known national) Buffalo wing & the Buffalo Bills, none other than Buffalo, New York.How did you get started in Radio?My college career was in nursing and was completely unhappy. It just wasn’t my passion! I took a break and asked myself what did I like to do the most? I pretty much realized I loved anything based in communications. Writing, speaking, etc. so I decided to go back to school for communications & media arts and LOVED it! There, I discovered my passion for broadcasting. I learned the basics at our college radio station and decided to try and intern for the largest Hip Hip and R&B station in Western New York, Power 93.7 WBLK.After some persistence, I finally landed an interview with the promotions department and the rest was history! DJ Supreme was the evening Radio DJ at the time, he took me under his wings and taught me basically all that I know today. For that, I’m forever indebted. My Program Director at the time, Chris Reynolds gave me a shot at overnights and I worked my up to finally landing my own radio show and been at it ever since!What Radio DJs or people in the industry do you most admire?Of course, I love the greats like Angie Martinez whom I admire her longevity in this industry because it can be tough for us women and very unpredictable. Angela Yee is dope, I admire her growth and ability to evolve. I met TT Torrez while she was hosting at a club in NYC during NBA All-Star Weekend one year and she actually inspired me to step my MIC game up! She was so amazing and confident! And an up and coming radio personality I follow on IG is MiAsia Symone, I’ve literally watched her grind from the ground up and she’s doing big things now! That’s so inspirational to me.So, what makes your show different from others?I’m real! I get a lot of people that tell me I brighten up their days because I’m silly and just have fun with it and genuinely love what I do. I think that comes across the airwaves to my listeners.Where do you see yourself in five years?Five years in radio? Definitely syndicated. I see myself also crossing over into television as well. I hope to be able to aid in bridging the gap between social media tv and traditional tv.What would most people be surprised to learn about you?That I’m a mom of three! Yes. I actually completed school and interned with three kids…while going through a divorce might I add. My oldest is 16 and loves music just as much as I do…so much so, he produces in his free time outside of school and work. It’s dope to have that bond with your kids and also even more dope that he keeps me in the loop with what all the cool kids are listening to outside of the radio. We have debates often about what’s hot and what’s not lolI also grew up in a household where we couldn’t listen to Hip-Hop freely, at least while my dad was home. He was strict! I use to sneak into my older sister’s room and watch the VHS tapes of videos she would secretly record while they were outside playing. Method Man & Mary J. Blige’s “You’re All I Need” did it for me! I watched that video over and over…that’s when I fell in love with hip-hop music. I was gifted with my first stereo around 13 years old and believe it or not, I still have it until this day.Anything else?I just want to say to anyone out there hoping to get into radio…it’s HARD, but with persistence, patience, and dedication you CAN and WILL do it. Don’t ever give up that dream! Build relationships, connections and never stop working on your craft. I did it with almost every set of odds against me, so it can most definitely be done. Never stop grinding!- Radio ReddRoxx[email protected] 


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