Listeners in DC Not Happy with Tom Joyner Being Moved to AM


Radio Facts has been bombarded with questions, complaints and comments about Radio One moving The Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) to the AM Radio Station WOL in Washington, DC and replacing him with industry vet Russ Parr. We’ve gotten the most complaints since this blog premiered in 2000. Unfortunately, we are not in control of what Radio One does with their shows but I will say typically there is an onslaught of disappointed listeners for a couple of weeks then they disappear.
We too are surprised that Radio One is using another syndicated show to replace Tom with a host who would be considered more of a competitor than a “new” show instead of trying out a local show. Unfortunately, it takes a while to develop a local show and DC is a market that is very loyal to vet radio hosts. It is also rare and perhaps even an insult to move a nationally syndicated FM show to an AM Radio Station in a market as AM has not been the focus of urban major radio outlets for years now (unless it’s a talk format which is rare).
In the radio industry, we understand that Radio One is most certainly moving TJMS to the AM format, instead of canceling the show in the market to fulfill their previously agreed to advertising  commitments. Time will tell how Russ Parr fairs in his new slot but unfortunately it is highly unlikely that Radio One will put Tom back in the spot after making the decision to move him. Radio just doesn’t work that way. Nevertheless, stranger things have happened (Donnie Simpson’s resurgence).

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  1. It’s really a shame that the actual listeners do not have a say. Russ Parr is not even on Tom Joyner’s level. Its an insult to move Tom to AM radio. Well I guess I will listen to Memphis V101, or Charlotte V101.9. And radio execs wonder why we stream other stations out of state.

  2. Putting Russ ghetto show on 102.3 doesn’t make sense because he is hip hop & 102.3 is old school, adult contemporary just like Tom Joyner. Cathy Hughes has lost her mind.

    • When Cathy took out a successful I.P.O. in effect she lost control to a Board of Directors which make decisions for which she must abide. All Black owned media in America have been taken over by the Majority or either effectively neutralized. Tom was doing and saying too much as far as Black community progress for the powers that be.

    • 100 % Agree w/ you there!! .. I heard the commercial this morning & lost it! I couldn’t believe my ears. Enough complaints & low ratings, TJMS will be back on FM… Or is there another plan …enter Donnie back in the morning after RP’s failure!? ..B/C it would be awkward to place TJMS back in the slot! …Good thing for the TJMS app!

  3. I was a little upset when I heard about the move. I’m a big fan of Tom Joyner Morning Show. I love the crew and never miss them in the Morning. TJMS show always have me cracking up in the morning on my way to work and as soon as I get to work I finish listening to them until they go off the air at 10:00. Who listens to AM unless its the Football game, really. He will truly be missed , so I guess I won’t be listening to that channel in the Mornings anymore, they have lost me. I am pissed a loyal listener is what I was. I guess January 19th I’ll find another channel to listen to.

  4. It’s a pity that we have allowed “Corporate America” to tell us what’s good and what’s bad radio. Anyone in radio knows that A-M stations are or can be just as good as FMs. When “Corporate Americans” owned the A-M’s they were the best thing since sliced bread. But when the FCC mandated that “Corporate America” must allow more minorities and women to own stations, they sold their A-Ms because they felt they were less valuable when in fact they are not. Typical example is WOL. Anyone who knows the heritage of WOL know that it was a history-making station in DC — #1 in ARBITRON back in the day — ruling the market with Petey Green. WLS in Chicago and WDIA in Memphis are other examples. WOKJ in Jackson. WDIA with Bobby O’Jay is A-M and was a powerhouse stations back in the day and still rule the market in Memphis. And what about WLW, the most powerful station in the US at one point with 500,000 watts out of Cincinnati? Then there’s WWL out of New Orleans, which was credited with exposing some of the atrocities of Hurricane Katrina when all the FMs were down. That’s how Mayor Ray Nagin got the word out about what was actually happening in the Crescent City. So it is no disgrace for the TJMS to move to A-M. A more appropriate and bigger problem would be “Corporate America” trying to wipe out A-M Radio?
    A-M only got a bad name from “Corporate America” because they want to continue to dominate the airwaves and discredit minority and women owned stations. Don’t fall for them saying A-M has no place on the dial in modern-day digital/social media America. If the A-M station has the content and serves the public interest of the community the way it should, I think the station should get the “props” and we should not let others in the industry continue to try to tell us what to like and what to accept. I’m an A-M station owner and proud of it!!! I would stack my “Awesome A-M” up against any “Static Free” F-M anywhere any day!

    • POE it is GREAT that AM and WOL have legacy of activism. But if no one gets it what is the use ?
      I wont listen to static for 4 hours bc that will give me a headache.
      WOL bettter out it a new antenna.

  5. No loyalty at all I think it’s a disgrace to move a radio icon like TJ to am for Russ Parr I will not be listening to 102.3 any more in the morning I guess I’ll be checking out 96.3 Steve Harvey. ….

  6. What does Radio One use for brains? They definitely do not care or listen to there audience. One of the dumbest moves they’ve made. If Russ Parr was not liked on 93.9 KYS why do you think he’ll be liked on 102.3 .
    TJMS loyalist moving to 95.5

  7. This is just stupid! I don’t even enjoy the music selections offered on the Russ Parr show and the silly ass antics. Just because you make the decisions doesn’t mean you are making the right ones. Radio One is being ran by Bonobos


  9. This is how you treat a man who has helped students continue their college education, this is how you treat a man who is community aware, this is how you treat a man who puts a smile on your face before you go to work in the morning. Have you laughing while sitting in traffic that is backed up to who knows where. This is an outrage. What Radio One is doing to Tom Joyner and his crew is just down right WRONG!!!! I am not a Russ parr fan and will never be. Putting Tom and his crew on an AM station that no one hardly listens to in the morning is ridiculous. This justifies my not ever listening to Majic 102.3 ever again. I am sooooo disappointed in Radio One. Honestly, I am just so tired of the powers that be putting people where they don’t belong. That morning show is Tom’s show, not Russ’. I’m done. PERIOD
    Radio One sold out, plain and simple.

  10. Magic 102 is in a heated radio battle and has been on the losing end of it for some time. They have been tweaking the station music and seem to be looking at a slightly younger audience (but not to young). Plus KYS will get a younger morning show to compete against a very good Joe Clair morning show on WPGC. I like Tom Joyner though but I like Steve Harvey better.
    Funny somebody mentioned WPFW. They have some decent oldies and blues shows on Saturdays. Sad thing is they don’t play much music on the weekdays except in the evenings.

  11. I stopped listening to Russ Parr because I matured and the show didn’t. The jokes became more & more crass and I wasn’t learning anything worthwhile other than the latest drama filled escapades of the artists featured on his show. I am very disappointed with the decision but I am grateful for the app.

  12. This makes me very sad but I will be listening to the TJMS on AM until they take him off. I hope he finds a new home after his contract with Radio One ends. I have nothing against Russ Parr his style is just not my preference.
    I hope that all of the upset listeners write to Radio One (as I am doing) and also follows Tom and the gang to AM. I also hope we don’t simply let this fade away but keep displeasure with this out there so Radio One executives are aware.



  15. It seems that Tom Joyner like Michael Baisden is being silenced because of their power to move the masses to vote. Their voices encouraged us to stay informed about politics and other social issues and how it could affect Black America. Remember a while back when Congress including some black congressmen wanted to get rid of “free radio”? Kathy Hughes was rather vocal about that. Wonder if some backroom deals were made to get rid of these powerful voices to keep radio free.

  16. They took him off the radio station here in Winston-Salem without any warning amd they will do the same in D.C. So enjoy him and his crew while you can. Nothing good last forever . . .

  17. This is terrible for the DMV. I have been listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show for years. To put Russ Parr in his place was a bad decision. (Ghetto Radio) Sad. To top it off they want to put Tom and the crew on WOL. 1450 AM. Who listens to AM Radio. Really. Most radios cant even pick up AM Stations. I am a product of a HBCU and Nobody has done more for HBCU’s than Tom.

  18. Ok so I agree, Russ Parr is on the immature side, but I appreciate the humor in the morning. Not sure why we can’t have two black shows in radio, for different perspective. .
    but don’t need to bash Russ Parr

  19. How can you remove a radio show that’s on top. To replace this with Russ Parr is an insult and a slap on the face. I will never listen to 102.3 again. What is Kathy Huges thinking about. She is not in touch what’s going on with in the city. Why didn’t you put Russ Parr Dr a 6:00.

  20. I was shocked to hear that the Tom Joyner Morning show will no longer be broadcast on 102.3. I will not be listening to that station anymore.

  21. Yes, I agree that this change is based on politics because of the upcoming election in November. Tom and Rev. Sharpton are being moved to an AM station to keep the Black communities from being aware of voting schemes, etc. I will follow TJMS wherever it goes.

  22. Iam so mad that 102.3 didn’t ask its listeners about that dumb move. Putting TJMS on AM band what a insult. Russ Parr show is not Tom Joyner show. I will be moving to another station because WOL will not come in where I live. Come on Ms. Huges I always said you were a smart lady but I don’t think so now.

  23. This is a bunch of crap! Leave it to a bunch of you know who to really screw things up. There is a market for TJMS listeners, and we will follow him as long as he is on the radio. Shameful!!!

  24. Total disrespect to Tom Joyner. I will not be listening to this station in the morning. Dumb business decision Just who is running the station anyway and radio one who assumes that people on the way to work want to listen to mess in the morning ? Dumb.

  25. WOW…..unbelievable! I will continue to stream the TJMS app at work and home. We don’t need 102.3 to listen the TJMS just stream him in another another state and add to your favorites . Works for me:-)

  26. This really sucksss to start 2016 nothing to say about Russ Parr but to a mature audience this is a dumdown can not listen to this when dropping the children off to school…STEVE HARVEY I guess hear we come

  27. Wait let me get this straight, Radio One replaces Tom Joyner with Russ Parr?????????????????. It’s apparent Tom had too much CLASS!

  28. Why is Tom Joyner being moved. This is not good I knew when you bought that Marshall Wright and Donney Simpson on there something was going on. Well that’s great!!!!!!
    You don’t need our email or name you have made your decision.

  29. I also am upset with the move of Tom Joyner to AM. In my area, Centreville, VA, I can not get good reception on 1450 AM. This is a shame, because I did enjoy TJMS. Well, I guess, I wll just listen to WTOP and the news. If anyone know if the TJMS show is on Sirius or XM, please let me know so I can suscribe.

  30. This morning I was delighted to wake up to the TJMS on 102.3 I was expecting to turn the station over to AM so I could listen to Tom and his crew. If they ever think about removing Tom I will follow him wherever he goes. Russ Parr show is nowhere near Tom’s level and I felt insulted that corporate America would try this crap. Long time listener and follower of the TJMS.

  31. How could Tom Joyner be so NAIVE as to give up control of an institution that he created and inspired so many people with.Is it need or greed I dont know know.

  32. Too much.TJMS was replaced by Steve Harvey in Louisville but TJMS moved to a Gospel station in the morning.The station never mentioned the move or what happened or why.Many,many,many people were upset and stopped listening to 101.3,period.Ghetto mindset along with filthy content becoming the norm for morning Urban Contempoary Radio.Just what the Community needs.Good Riddance 101.3.

  33. At least you guys have an option with the AM station. In Dallas we lost TJMS and was stuck with only the janky phone APP. That was last year and I’m still in withdrawal. Tom Joyner’s show was apart of the fabric of our lives so there was much uproar. If only there was something we could do…

  34. Moving Tom Joyner to WOL and Russ Parr to 102.3 makes absolutely no sense on any level. Magic plays old school R&B and neo soul. This is music that appeals to an older demographic. Teenagers and people in their twenties like Russ Parr so why move him to a station that skews older? He’ll lose most of Tom’s audience and he won’t drag many of his listeners to Magic.
    I’d like to hear the reasoning behind this move.

  35. I would love to follow TJ to AM, but unfortunately all of my AM stations are nothing but static. @Poe, you mentioned you own an AM station. That is great, but how do we listen to AM without a bunch of static? I think it is a kick in the guts for TJ to be moved to AM when he is the top urban DJ in the area. I don’t get it. I listen to the TJ app a lot, so I will just continue with the app.

  36. Intelligence v. Coonery and Buffoonery. Tom Joyner is such a strong voice in the black community! He brings so much to the table! The TJMS is very informative and intellecutally stimulating. The little known black history fact, Black America Web, educated guest. Real Fathers Real Men… the list goes on and on! When I say the Russ Parr Morning Show hurts my ears and brains that’s an understatement! This was a really bad move and another move to destroy something postive within the black community!

  37. No more Tom Joyner? No more 102.3 for me! I thought Russ Parr was more hip hop. I like Tom’s old school approach to music. I will move to AM just to listen to Tom’s show. The show is very entertaining. I hope the Fantastic Voyage doesn’t disappear.

  38. Im left with a situation that I am having trouble adjusting to. I use to listen to Russ Parr, several years ago, when he still had Olivia Foxx on the show. I dropped when his music format went totally left.
    Tom Joyner has been a staple in DC for many moons, playing music grown folks such as myself and appreciates, while also discussing topics that are important to our community. So this move him to 1450am, is disheartening and a slap in the face to mature DMV listeners.
    This supports my concerns with one corporation owning the majority of the “black” airwaves with a city. Radio one has too much control and something needs to change.

    • brian H: i too stopped listening to russ parr moring show when olivia foxx left.i miss her, supaken, lazy lamont.
      she did kys late nights fro a while but i didnt listen.
      i like olivia fox in the am to wakeup me up get me going and laughing.
      she was on majic 1023 from 10-3 from january 2008- june 2010 but that stopped.
      did you know she is battling kidney disease?
      she does online radio now.

    • Really “Anonymous” Did you look up the definition of “Fairs” and “Fares?” it could be either one.
      “Fairs:” pleasing to the eye or mind especially because of fresh, charming, or flawless quality, Just or appropriate in the circumstances.
      “Fares:” perform in a specified way in a particular situation or over a particular period of time.

  39. Radio One started its move long ago. Started with gospel music. There is no southern gospel on any Radio One Stations. They review the playlists and remove anything that is southern quartet or just down home gospel….now the Radio One gospel stations is just secular hip hop club music. A bunch of pronouns of the Gospel…he, him, you…no Jesus or Lord in it. All about money and no substance. So no real gospel and no real R&B. Goodbye Radio One. I don’t even listen to Yolanda Adams, Radio One. Secular, hip hop music. She even said on one show that she don’t like quartet and don’t play it. WHUR and all other non-Radio One stations are the place to by.

    • praiseDC 104.1FM plays gospel all day every day.
      whur 96.3 plays gospel sundays mornings until 2pm with jackie gales webb.
      what do you mean by ‘southern quartet’ and souther gospel’? yolanda/kirk/ tamela are from texas, that is the south. tasha cobbs is from georgia, that is the south.

  40. I live in Germantown, MD. We don’t even get 1450 AM up 270. I have been a faithful Tom listener for about 20 years. There is no way I will listen to Russ Parr. I am too old for that. On Tuesday, January 19, I am done with 102.3. I will be listening on the app as well.

  41. I am so confused and am really trying to figure this out. Isn’t Russ Parr already on another station in this area? If no longer, then why are they moving TJMS to replace with a show that is no longer on? If he is why are they competing with a local market with a show that is already transmitting? I didn’t listen to Russ Parr because I wanted to listen to TJMS (more) and Steve Harvey (less). Is Russ still on the other station? I don’t always get AM clearly in my car. I guess I will be listening to 107.3 or WASH FM full time now.

  42. They moved TJMS to AM here in Detroit and I have not listened since. He is also on an FM station (99.1) with a signal so weak it is ridiculous. They replaced him with local talnet on 92.3.

  43. Sad situation. TJMS moving to AM in the DC market and being replaced by Russ? Nothing against the brother, he has his market… but 102.3? Tom, go Sirius and let J tell Radio One what they can do!

  44. Completely agree with the above comments. But what I’m irritated about is that WOL and the HD stations don’t work in N. Va; Alexandria and Vienna, so I can’t even opt to the new stations. On top of that, I’m a federal employee in a secure location so listening on the app isn’t an option either. HATE Russ Parr.

  45. I can’t believe that the Tom Joyner is moving to AM radio, the radio in my car only gave me static when I
    tried to tune in 1450. This a great disservice to the black community in the Washington D.C. area.

  46. I am a resident of Metro DC and I too will be following TJMS to his new location on AM radio or listen via the APP.
    Also you can listen online to any of the other stations he comes on such as WHRP in Huntsville AL or WMGL in South Carolina. You can get a list of them on his website or this site called
    I need that early morning funny pick me up, as well as that black news coverage that I get from the TJMS show. I have students and a young adult daughter who are fans of Mr. Parr, so he clearly has a strong following. His show is just not my taste.
    But I am certain there is much more to this story than what we are reading and/or hearing, And it seems odd that his weekday show is moved but the weekend show will still come on WMMJ on Saturday from 6am to 8am.
    Guess Mr. Parr doesn’t do weekends.
    What will be interesting to see is if this happens in any of Radio One’s other markets.

  47. Their are a lot of us who enjoy ADULT radio. What are we left with, loud, silly slap stick nonsense with no informational or educational value. Just more of the same crap!!!!! This is what we are left with at 6 am, the morning drive. Russ Parr (MAJIC 102.3), Steve Harvey (WHUR 96.3) or Joe Clair (WPGC 95.5). I will be listening to the TJMS on 1450 AM radio.
    TJMS Loyal LISTENER, WILL STAY AND STICK IT OUT ON AM, 1450 where Kathy use to sleep on the floor.

  48. I will continuously boycott all of Radio One shows for the bone-headed decision to take the funny, political aware, beloved Tom Joyner, Show off the FM station. Russ Parr-give me a break!

    • BOYCOTTING ALL OF RADIO ONE’S SHOWS (eventhough I am a fan of Donnie Simpson). They disrespected Tom Joyner in the way they had ALL the other DJ’s welcoming Russ Parrs coming to 102.3, Total Disrespect!!

  49. U can’t even got wol am on the radio!
    What a bumb stupid move by whur.
    What were u thinking?
    Russ Par was on the radio in DC before.
    Didn’t look like him then, sure don’t care for his show today!
    I will be tuning in to this on the internet!

  50. Yeah, ya’ll done lost your mind on this one! Why in the world would adults who prefer to listen to adult radio like the Tom Joyner show decide to disgrace us with some ghetto, childish, silly radio show like the Russ Parr show? Goodbye radio one!

  51. Where is Tom Joyner. You can’t even pick up an AM stations in this area, really Ms. Hughes. You could have done a better job than this. You need to bring Tom Joyner and the morning crew back as soon as possible

  52. Why would you move a icon like Tom to a station with nothing but static. I couldn’t get no reception unit I got closer to the city.

  53. Very dumb move after all these years most of the new cars don’t have no dam 102.3hd no consideration for the listeners cant even get am stations in my
    modern car enjoyed TSJ if you want the listeners to partake consider getting a plan for better reception because right now it sucks.

  54. I am so angry that they put Tom Joyner on AM. I can’t even get the station. It’s all static!!!! I’ve been listening to TJMS for over 20 years. Removing the show us a disservice to our community.

  55. Bring back TJMS!!! All 1450 has is static in Northern VA. How disrespectful can you be by moving the show where people can’t listen.

  56. To me, Russ Parr is basically a younger, fresher Tom Joyner. Stop hating. If you don’t like Parr, don’t listen. Simply support Joyner. I’m a 36 year old, highly educated professional woman, that enjoys so-called “ghetto” conversation in the morning. It’s light-hearted and humorous, especially when my line of work requires so much responsibility. On the way to work, I simply want to laugh. To each, his own.

    • The problem we are having is “not” that Russ Parr replacing TJMS the problem I am having with Radio One is they completely took TJMS off the air and put him on a AM station nobody can even hear. What makes it worse is Russ Parr’s market and TJMS’s market have been on the air “at the same time” for years both under the Radio One umbrella. And they took TJMS off! And only left us with Russ Parr which gave thousands of people no outlet for early for morning radio entertainment to listen too!!! Russ Parr has his market and it is working for him and TJMS has his market and that is working for why disrupt that formula? They obviously did not fire TJMS but he was severely demoted at least in this market. I am really disappointed with Radio One; but I have the TJMS app so I am moving forward with that.

  57. Well, unfortunately I can’t get 1450AM out here in Ashburn, VA! You really think I’m going to tune into those other urban stations while driving my kids to school, or for the matter, on my way to work!?
    I guess I will tune into NPR until I can afford HD or streaming in my car.
    Is there a petition for this?

  58. I am so pissed at the decision-makers at Radio One!!! WOL is static-filled and useless in D.C. Who in the Hell thinks that either Russ Parr or Donnie Simpson can carry water for Tom Joyner?? I didn’t know that J. Anthony Brown quit on live radio, but who could blame him?? “It’s Your World,” Myra J., Miss Dupree, and now this!!! I am sick to death, and promise you Radio One, to bury my years-long interest in you from this day forward. Tom, I know that either you or your people are also reading these comments, so….
    Kathy Hughes: to you and your son, your Board of Directors, and everyone involved in this asinine and stupid move, you have shown me the utmost disrespect and arrogance by shoving the TJMS to your AM station without doing extensive research to see how your listeners would feel about this. Without listeners buying the products pushed on your commercials, and contributing to the welfare of your business by supporting you in other venues, you would be working for someone else. So, despite the millions you have made since you took this station from Dewey, I hope that you learn your lesson about humility by again, working for someone else. Good-bye you dumb-ass and arrogant millionaires. I quit!

  59. I really miss the old fm format, I’m streaming from my computer until I pull the app up on my phone.
    The TJMS is very relevant to Black America, to me, Tom and The Crew is my morning coffee, my newspaper and comics wrapped in one.

  60. I have stayed with Tom Joyner via the internet, which has better clarity than my local 1450 AM, which has nothing but static and poor reception. I no longer listen to MAJIC 102.3. Another one bites the dust!

  61. Omgoodnees,what are they thinking about I love TJMS…they were the most funniest ppl to listen to…. not to mention he keeps us abrasd with our community. It was so much they did that we truely benfited from.Who in this world listen to AM station unless we listening to WYCB…gospels!! The worse thing thy did was moving Tom for Russell Parr …I think he is so ghetto…not my caliber of music!!
    Pls bring TJMS back!

  62. I am tried to get into Russ Parr but I can’t. I hate that Tom and crew is gone. I am with the majority I am leaving 102.3 going back to 96.3 WHUR who is beating them in the ratings anyway. 1450 is a total joke, it sound horrible.
    Listen Tom Joyner’s APP everyone.
    Money over loyal listener’s win every time.
    BYE MAJIC 102.3 I quit you like you quit me.

  63. Live in the doc area and FM doesn’t come in clear not worth listening to static! Bring Tom & crew back or put him on an FM starion!

  64. I I listen to the AM station and it sounds terrible I really enjoyed listening to Tom Joyner in the morning and listen to old school music on my way home from work this is a shame and a pity Russ Parr show is stupid never liked him

  65. What is this world coming to? No Tom Joyner, I get to work 6:00am every morning and the first thing I do is turn on Tom Joyner, I love the people that work with him and now its just work. Please leave well enough alone. He is th

  66. I wrote to Radio One’s GM and received a form response. I am currently streaming Tom in the morning as I cannot get the AM station at work. I have been a loyal listener to 102.3 at work for 25 years and will never listen again. No legitimate reason has been given for the change…so good luck to Ms Hughes but I am no longer a loyal listener.


  68. Because of Tv 1 moving Tom joyner show, adult mature music, hosts Tom joyner,sybil and J anthony brown. Laughing every day. J anyhony murdering the hits. I donot like the Russ Parr show. They need to move him back to hiphop station 93.9 kiss. I dont and have stopped listening to 102.3 . As long as Russ Parr and morning crew are on i will not listen to that morning show anymore. Its Ghetto,corny, cast of players. Please bring back TJMS. I have now tuned to 96.3 steve harvey in the morning.

  69. Can someone please explain to me why in God’s name would move a syndicated radio show to AM station that no body can listen too ?
    Would not listen to this Rus whatever show. Poor poor decision!!

  70. When everything appears to be going well, we ALWAYS do something STUPID that sends us backwards. Radio One should leave well enough alone and bring back the TJMS.
    TJMS loyalist moving to 96.3 FM.

  71. I am so disappointed that Radio One has decided what I want to listen to in the mornings without asking me! You have got be kidding! Russ Parr can’t hold a candle to Tom Joyner. I’m used to being informed of what’s going on in the world with some level of intellect. Nothing against AM radio but the reception is awful!! I can’t even get decent reception at my house and the static really takes away from the clear crisp sound I’m used to hearing on the FM station. I thought I could get used to the change but this morning when I was driving into work I realized that I couldn’t just sit by and listen to this nonsense without voicing my opinion. Why do we as a people just sit by and say and do nothing when things make us unhappy? We just accept things as “this is just the way things are” and we just walk away! I listen to The Steve Harvey Show in the morning now, nothing against Steve but I like what I like. Come on Radio One! What are you doing to us? If you have an opinion its time for you to speak up. If nothing’s said, nothing will change!

  72. Russ Parr is trash. If anything they should had replaced him with always got to be politically correct ass Donnie Simpson! Donnie get on my nerves with I got to always make sure I don’t offend nobody but he is lot a better than Russ Parr! And you might as well go to church and listen to a fake ass guidance counselor if you’re going to listen to Steve Harvey. He thinks he know everything. And that lady laugh at everything he say ain’t nobody that funny. I’m really going to miss Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown!

  73. Whomever made the decision to put Russ Parr on in the morning, you were wrong? We need TJMS back and not on a station you can barely hear, 1450 am. This was a stupid, stupid idea.

  74. OK! I thought they were on vacation or maybe he was retiring. I finally took time to satisfy my curiosity. Needless to say, I’m a little late, just learning this news and really SHOCKED! That being said, this is not the first mistake Kathy Hughes and her team has made and I don’t think it will be her/their last. However, she keeps popping back…!
    I looked forward to the commentaries that projected a different view then that of the “Main stream media”. As a loyal African-American fan, knowing we have few media outlets…, it’s just sad, the “system” has won again! Donnie Simpson’s arrival came with notices, as did Russ Parr, neither are as seasoned as TJ, Sybil & J. It’s like Radio One just put TJMS out to pasture… Well, Steve Harvey is not quite the same, but his show will get my radio time NOW!

  75. I stopped listening and now just in tune with my CDs once again. When TJMS is on another station I will be too. Love TJMS

  76. Basically, The Yolanda Adams Morning Show met the same fate several months ago. The stations are banking on Millennial’s being the new target Market for advertising spots.

  77. I just returned in the area and learned that the TJMS was no longer on 102.3. I am very unhappy with the move. Not many choices left in DC to listen to in the morning. I missed the TJMS providing the little black history moments and giving updates on HBCUs. At least the show does not have individuals bragging all the times.

  78. Yes a lot of people bumped their DAMNED heads on this one. Made no sense at all. TJMS is so much more and better than Russ Parr’s show. I won’t listen to 102.3 in the mornings any more. Even though it irritates the hell out of me to listen to the static, I have followed the TJMS to 1450AM. Hate it but love the TJMS CREW.


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