Industry Legend Profile: Jerry Rushin, Sold Stations for $100 Million then Retired See Young DJ Khaled (video)


One of the things I really wished I had done earlier was met the owners and the business people on the radio industry. After going to the Radio Show in Dallas this past year, I came to realize quickly they don’t travel in the same circles as on-air talent does. I’ve never met Jerry but he has a great story. Told here in 2012. He retired that year and I have not heard much about him since but he sold WEDR and 99 Jamz for 100 Million dollars to Cox Radio some years ago. One thing that he says that rings so true when you own a business is you don’t see what other people see. To you, you are running a business to them, you are building a legacy. I truly hope this video inspires a future Jerry Rushin in the industry today trying to find his or her way.

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