Hot 97’s Ebro and Rosenberg Say the Zimmerman and DMX Fight CAN NOT Happen


Ebro and Peter Rosenberg utilized their “The Realness” segment to discuss the potential “celebrity” fight between george zimmerman and dmx. They both felt that the fight should not happen because it would be a total disgrace to Trayvon Martin’s family.

Today is actually Trayvon Martin’s birthday and he would have been 19 years old if he would have lived to see this day. I’m so disgusted by this and for george zimmerman to even consider himself a celebrity is an absolute atrocity and it is completely disrespectful. I agree 100 percent with Ebro and Rosenberg and if we allow this fight to happen and be televised, it will show how much we have truly fallen as a society. I’m sure there is a part of many people that would love to see Zimmerman take an a$$ whoopin’  but not like this.


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