Ebro in the Morning Questions if Verzuz has Gone Too Far


    Ebro in the Morning questioned if Verzuz had gone too far. During the Verzuz battle of Omarion vs. Mario, people wanted to know why watermelons were brought out. Ebro says he believes they brought watermelons on stage as a symbol of a sexual act. Omarion started eating the watermelon, and he passed it along to others who ate it as well.

    The show agreed it was unsafe for fans to eat the watermelon because of diseases such as “Monkey Pox.”

    Ebro asked has Verzuz gone too far?

    Rosenberg said Verzuz still has a lot of momentum and could be “fire.” He questioned if people would be that excited to see a battle between Omarion and Mario.

    Ebro said everything that the show does would not have the same reach. Chris Brown recently left the door open for a potential Verzuz battle. That’s the RnB battle people would tune into, he added.

    Rosenberg said a Chris Brown and Usher battle would be exciting to watch.

    “Chris Brown, Usher would be the biggest one ever, but I’m not getting my hopes up for that, but that would be fire,” said Rosenberg.

    Ebro said if Chris Brown was up for a battle with Usher, he believed that Usher would take up the challenge.

    Bringing more A-list celebrities on Verzuz would spike the show’s interest for viewers. Artists such as Sammie do not get as much attention, said Rosenberg.


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