Hennessy Honors Professional Baseball Player Carlos Beltran And Celebrates Latino Achievements On And Off The Field

Hennessy Latinos in baseballHennessy, the number-one selling Cognac brand in the world, continues to celebrate the achievements of Latinos who embody the brand’s “Never stop. Never settle.” mantra by welcoming back to New York City celebrated professional baseball player Carlos Beltran. Centered on the notion that true greatness is reserved for those who have reached a level of mastery yet still push the limits of their potential, the “Never stop. Never settle.” program draws parallels among the journeys of leading icons in various fields and the paths being forged by Hennessy aficionados.Hennessy held a private event to celebrate Mr. Beltran’s work both on and off the field and his iconic stature among the Hispanic community in Puerto Rico, the U.S. and globally. Hennessy honored the Manati-born baseball star as part of a long line of Latinos who have shaped the modern game of baseball and are inspirations among the community.”I am honored to partner with Hennessy and celebrate my culture,” said Beltran. “It is important for Latinos to help each other and make it easier for future leaders to break barriers that still exist. Today, Latinos are in sports, music, politics and business. We’re truly engrained across the fabric of American culture. I’m proud to maintain the ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ mentality that leads us all to new heights.”This weekend, New Yorkers will come together to celebrate Puerto Rican culture and heritage. Hennessy continues to pay homage to influential Puerto Ricans throughout history, including players such as Beltran, Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda and Tego Calderon.The “Never stop. Never settle.” campaign celebrates the aspirational drive towards success that helps define Puerto Ricans and the broader U.S. Hispanic community. Online, fans can engage with Hennessy on Facebook (Facebook.com/Hennessy), Twitter (@HennessyUS), Instagram (HennessyUS) and at Hennessy.com. Visit the News & Events section of Hennessy.com to see more of the celebration with Carlos Beltran.

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