Google Chromecast Adds Radio Stations and Podcasts

chromecast (2)-623-80Great news, Google Chromecast is adding Tunein which means the device will now have over 100,000 radio stations both nationally and internationally that can be heard on your TV, also 4 million Podcasts (including The Radio Facts Radio Show) will  be offered as well. Chromecast is a thumbdrive like device that fits into the HDMI port on a TV. The company is trying to be ahead of the race for streaming. When asked if people are willing to listen to radio in the house, John Donham, Tunein CEO stated “A tremendous amount of listening happens in the house… ” This could mean more problems for major cable companies that are not struggling to stay afloat as well as Apple. Chromecast is also adding Comedy Central, Epix, Encore Play and more. The Chromecast device costs $35.00

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