WGCI’s LiI Durk’s Christmas Takeover


radiofacts.com107.5 WGCI & Mountain Dew present LiI Durk’s Christmas Takeover giving you the chance to Dew You For Christmas!  Brought to you by The Chicago Morning Takeover with Kyle, Kendra G., and Leon.  The Holiday season is all about giving back and we know times are hard, so we are going to make things a little better!The Chicago Morning Takeover has partnered with Chicago’s own Lil Durk to help families in need this Christmas.  We are granting wishes, buying gifts, paying bills or hooking you up with whatever you may need by giving you the opportunity to “Dew You” for Christmas and you might even get a surprise visit by Lil Durk!Do you need a Christmas Blessing or want us to help you have the best Christmas ever?  Between now and Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 11:59:59pm tell us below in 107 words or less your Christmas Wish and why Lil Durk and the Chicago Morning Takeover should help you “Dew You” for Christmas!Tune in the week of December 19th to see if you are a winner!Deadline to submit entries is Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 11:59:59pm.Enter your wish now!  We want to help you out this Christmas.  All brought to you by Mountain Dew and Chicago’s Very Own Lil Durk.


  1. Hi My name is Yamara cash I’m 12 years old i was really hoping my family won the lil Durk take over but I have no way of knowing because my mom phone is off idk really if her words went threw but today’s my lil brother birthday he’s turning 11 and my mom doesn’t even have money to buy him a cake we are currently home less we live with our auntie and I have 5 brothers who are 19,16,14,11,and 1 and I’m the only girl. It would really be a blessing of were a winner and if we had a chance to have a nice Christmas this year. Merry Christmas.

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