Future of African American Men & Boys, new book release by Dr. Oliver McGee


OMarFounder Partnership Possibilities for America https://www.OliverMcGee.org; business-take-the-lead-on-us-national-disaster-recovery-3/archived ““ dedicated to building capacity of people, ideas and things for philanthropic partnerships working across government, universities and businesses inside diverse communities facing democracy, markets, communications, technology and demography shifts in an age of heightened engagement ““ offers “Future of African American Men & Boys – Promoting the Saving, Transforming and Empowering of African American Men and Boys for the Betterment of American Society,” a recently released book by Dr. Oliver McGee (Editor), available online now at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Oliver-McGee/e/B008NC1AJ2.As part of its determination to propel the Nation into the 21st century with a strong population base of African American Men and Boys (AAMB), the AAMB Commission articulated several key issues, questions and goals. Four of the major goals are: (1) to bring the country around the interests of African American men and boys in the national interest, (2) to look at what has been done – as a resource for the Commission – as a basis of its dialogue and report recommendations and implementation for action, (3) to bring national focus and commitment to mobilize the country around leadership in alleviating wasted human potential, and in reaching the nation’s conscience around this essential domestic policy issue, and (4) to find ways to take advantage of current institutional strategies and structures to align leadership with action.African American leaders in business, government, academia, and philanthropy have a unique contribution to make to the challenges faced by African American men and boys, particularly in regard to the development of talent needed for the future sustainability of American society. In response to these challenges, Morgan State University and The Kellogg Foundation, co-sponsored a dialogue on June 26/7, 2007 at the Lansdowne Resort Boardroom in Lansdowne, Virginia, entitled, ” Future of African American Men and Boys: Promoting the Saving, Transforming and Empowering of African American Men and Boys for the Betterment of American Society” https://www.amazon.com/Oliver-McGee/e/B008NC1AJ2.The Lansdowne dialogue was co-chaired by Dr. Calvin O. Butts III, President of SUNY Old Westbury, and pastor of Harlem##Q##s famed Abyssinian Baptist Church, and Dr. Earl Richardson, then-President of Morgan State University. Presidents Butts and Richardson also served as co-moderators of the conversation. This Lansdowne dialogue brought together 12 prominent African American leaders to inform business, government, university, and philanthropic interests on suitable goals and strategies for improving and enhancing the lives of African American men and boys in American society.

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