ESSENCE’s Hiring of a White Fashion Editor Sets of Mass online Critisism

Follow story below..—————————–On Friday evening, cultural critic and writer Michaela angela Davis tweeted: “It is with a heavy heavy heart I have learned that Essence magazine has engaged a white fashion director, this hurts, literally, spiritually.”Michaela’s tweet erupted a series of reactions, re-tweets, and scores of Facebook comments. Responses ranged from shock, disappointment to utter confusion.The immediate reaction here at Clutch Magazine? As the publication unofficially deemed “Essence“˜s little sister”-a growing young Black women’s online brand for news, critical commentary, lifestyle, fashion and beauty-it felt like our Mom walked us hand in hand to the center of the biggest shopping mall in the state, turned around, and left us. But we are no longer the little girls eyeballing the glossy giant who taught us how to love ourselves. We’ve been finding our way through the life, love and labels for quite sometime now; and the likely aband onment of the counselor who taught us everything we know is now evolving into clearer overstand ing. The pressing question for many of us is how much does Time Warner have to do with the hiring.

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