Steve Harvey States He was Not Advising Mo’Nique to be a Sellout , "Should Have Chosen My Words More Carefully"

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Originally posted Feb 18, 2019 – The Steve Harvey and Mo’Nique exchange on Steve’s show went viral with people accusing Steve of advising Mo’Nique to sellout and forget about her integrity. Harvey states this was not his intention. EURweb got an exclusive interview with Harvey.

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  1. He may not be a sell out…but he surely doesn’t have any backbone….they ALL are afraid of loosing their STUFF…..back in the day…about 60 years ago…blacks didn’t have to worry about loosing STUFF…we didn’t own much…but now…none will take a chance on loosing their STUFF…..If all three would have stood up with Monique…she would have gotten what she wanted….

  2. What I gathered from Steve was telling her to play the game until she is in a position to make real change. Its about being strategic in order to make significant change they way you want it.