Emlyn arrives with debut EP ‘Confessions of a Drama Queen’… yes it’s a Lindsay Lohan ref (Emerging alt pop)


In early May, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Emlyn took her TikTok fanbase to all new heights when she shared a sample of a new song she’d been working on. In the video she says excitedly, “Guys, I think I just wrote the song of the summer.” Only a few days later, ONE MILLION VIEWS, along with thousands of requests from fans begging her to put the song out, “B.O.M.B.”(aka Back on my Bullshit) was unleashed to the world. Today, Emlyn offers up a full serving of pop music confection with her debut EP Confessions of a Drama Queen. The title track of the project debuted yesterday via tastemaker outlet Ones To Watch.


Confessions of a Drama Queen is filled with Emlyn’s incredible vocal ranges, her incomparable songwriting skills, and of course, heart-wrenching ballads, like her recent releases “change for me” and “a thousand parties,” which was co-written and produced by Mike Robinson who was nominated for a GRAMMY for co-producing Katie Pruitt’s “Expectations.” The project is the perfect introduction to Emlyn’s prowess and comes right in time for summer.

“I am so beyond proud of this body of work,” shares Emlyn. “Every song leading up has been just a piece of this body of work I’ve been creating over the last year. From the badass bops to some of my deepest pains and realizations, you’ll finally get to hear what I’ve been wanting to say. This project is meant to be listened to from top to bottom. The intro is a genuine introduction to who I am as a person and an artist, and the songs in between take you on a journey of love, heartbreak, empowerment, family struggles, and overcoming. By the outro, I share much of what I’ve learned throughout my life at 23 years old. I hope you will see bits of yourself in it while getting to know me a bit better too. I can’t wait to connect with you all.”

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Philly favorite, PHILTHY MAG, says of the EP, “Confessions of a Drama Queen includes a handful of songs which could easily soundtrack your summer. Although Emlyn’s getting to be best known for alt pop jams, she’s also amazing at shelling out late-‘90s TRL ballad vibes, for the slightly more introspective listener.” Meanwhile, LA on Lock quoted Emlyn’s work as “big bold pop that would be right at home on a Demi Lovato album. The boisterous vocals drive it all home giving this track a huge presence.”

As for the title track, Emlyn offers up some more insight as to how that fix into the ethos of the whole album, and a nod to some nostalgic favorites: “The title track ‘confessions of a drama queen’ was loosely inspired by the 2004 Lindsay Lohan movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen that I loved growing up. I had just watched the movie again and noticed how filled it was with over-the-top visuals and monologues, which got me thinking about the ever-famous Taylor Swift song ‘Blank Space.’

I always appreciated how, in the lyrics, Taylor used people’s assumptions about her reputation and blew them completely out of proportion to play with their conclusions about her, and point out how ridiculous it all was. I wanted to do the same thing with a sort of satirical approach on the classic trope of the ‘crazy girlfriend.’ I aimed to take people’s stereotypes about women being dramatic, crazy, and obsessive in the context of a relationship and really lean into it. Overall, it was such a fun song to write and while it is fairly satirical, I definitely also feel a little dramatic myself sometimes.”

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