Drake Gives Recognition to Former WBLK Radio DJ Al Wood on New Project


KUDOS to Drake for putting my hometown radio station WBLK on the world map but giving a shout out and using an air check sle of onetime WBLK Quiet Storm personality Al Wood. This is why it’s SO important to archive our work.


Wood worked for the station in 1995 and was very talented but he has since changed careers. Former WBLK PD Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB), who is now the PD for WBLS in New York City states “I SO love it when people get their “flowers” here on Earth. When I programmed WBLK in Buffalo back in the mid 90’s we had a Quiet Storm guy I just loved named Al Wood. Al eventually changed careers but whoever thought Drake’s label people would call me looking for Al last week. Drake listened to WBLK up in Toronto growing up and featured Al on the tail end of his “After Dark” track. The album was released last night. What a great look for Al and the influence radio enjoys!” 

WBLK reps state the phone has been ringing off the hook (since the number is in the audio) of people calling the station just to see if the number is real. Script and audio below.

Here’s the transcript, via Genius.com.

“93.7, WBLK, taking you right there with Hall & Oates. Moving you through the storm in what is now 19 minutes after 10 o’clock. Thanks for your phone calls as we get you closer to your requests and dedications. Phone lines are open for you to send a love; your love note dedications. 644-9393, call me.

“Coming up, we will head through your storm with Troupe Fantasia, Chaka Khan, My Funny Valentine, Jill Scott, giving you whatever and more, the selected music of Mr. Luther Vandross, as we kick off your first hour of the most selective, most seductive, most relaxing four hours of the 93-7. It’s Al Wood and you are safe, soft and warm, in the loving embrace of my storm on BLK.”

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