Image of DJ who Grabbed Taylor Swift Released

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1110-taylor-swift-ass-grab-tmz-3David Mueller, the radio DJ accused of grabbing Taylor Swift’s behind thinks the photo that has emerged of him and Swift will only aid him in his case to prove he did nothing wrong but it could also work against him.  David Mueller’s legal team spoke with  TMZ and from their perspective the picture “doesn’t prove a thing other than he didn’t have his hand underneath her skirt.”If you look at the pic, you can see Mueller’s hand behind Taylor but there is no evidence that shows his hand underneath her skirl.  Mueller explained that he leaned into the shot at the last minute which his why he stance is somewhat awkward.In Taylor’s own words she says he  “reached up under my skirt and grabbed my ass right when I was having to pose for a photo.” Mueller’s attorneys are optimistic now that the photo is out for the public to see. Initially Taylor’s people wanted the photo sealed by the judge.  We will see what happens in the ass grabbing case of the century.

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