Clive Davis Talks Whitney Houston in New Book


Clive & WhitneyClive Davis has been on a roll lately. Last week he opened up about his bisexuality and relationships with men while he promoting his book. He apparently wants to open up about other people in his life as well as he saved a chapter for Whitney Houston.In his book, Davis described the chapter about Whitney Houston, as “without a question the most difficult chapter” for him to write. He talks about how he discovered Houston at 19-years old and he was there for her during the ups and downs of her career. In his book, Davis addresses the rumor that Whitney Houston had a lesbian relationship with her former assistant Robyn Crawford.”I really saw her in brief relationships with men. I do write that she did have an interim relationship with Jermaine Jackson when he was separated,” Davis said. “I know that she went out with Eddie Murphy for a while until she married Bobby Brown. I only knew of Robyn as her assistant, someone she grew up with, since she was a teenager. I just knew the heterosexual side of Whitney.”Clive also spoke on Whitney’s drug addiction and if he believed that Bobby Brown was responsible.”I don’t believe it was Bobby Brown,” Davis revealed. “I think they did have a co-dependent, unhealthy relationship with each other. But I would never point to him. I have no idea who her enabler was.”

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