The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses the Extended Detention of Brittney Griner (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed the extended detention of Brittney Griner. Griner’s detention in Moscow has been extended an additional 18 days. She is considered wrongfully detained, which signals that regardless of her legal case status, the United States government will continue to negotiate her release, said the co-host.

    Griner’s WNBA team, the Phoenix Mercury, met with the State Department on Monday to discuss the status of her case. The team was assured by the Department that they are working hard to bring Griner home.

    Back in February Griner was detained at a Moscow area airport after cannabis oil was allegedly found in her luggage.

    Steve Harvey questioned what the extension meant for Griner. Will the basketball star be released in 18 days? The morning show said that Griner’s release could be dragged out.

    “When I hear stories like this, I just remind people, man, when you are traveling, when you are traveling abroad, all this stuff you use at home and at your house, leave all that stuff… you ain’t got time for all that chewable gummies and edibles,” said Harvey.

    Although Harvey said that is not what Griner did, he wanted to warn people about the dangers of traveling with substances. “Everybody ain’t open to your lifestyle, and when I’m talking about lifestyle, I’m talking about what you do with your recreational time, like drugs, oil, CBD,” said Harvey.

    Not all countries are open to the recreational activities of their visitors, so travelers must be smart.

    Harvey said what is happening to the basketball star is horrible, especially since it is wartime in Russia.

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