The Breakfast Club Discusses Amy Schumer’s Seemingly Shady Remarks About Tiffany Haddish (VIDEO)


    The Breakfast Club discussed Amy Schumer’s seemingly shady remarks about Tiffany Haddish. Angela Yee said people are upset at Schumer’s comments on the last episode of The Shop. The conversation was about black vulnerability in the media and how necessary it is, when Schumer chimed in.

    “I think women… take yourself down to be accepted,” said Schumer.

    When asked about Haddish, Schumer was not sure how the actress’ independence was working out for her.

    “She’s incredible. She’s had a huge meteoric rise; I’m wondering if people are going to get p*ssed at her,” said Schumer.

    Fans were not pleased with Schumer’s comment and took to social media to vent their frustrations.

    “We don’t even like Amy. Why is she here?” one fan wrote.

    Charlamagne Tha God said Schumer is not hating. She is talking about the industry. He added that outspoken Black women who speak up for themselves get labeled difficult in the business.

    Angela Yee said she took Schumer’s comments as a question as to whether Hadish was making people angry with her independent attitude.

    “It’s my pet peeve. I hear it all the time, people say such and such is difficult, and usually, it’s Black women who are outspoken and speak up for themselves. I hear it all the time,” said Charlamagne.

    Schumer should have been specific as to who she was talking about to clarify her comments better, said Charlamagne.

    “She’s not being specific; she should have said, in this business, in this industry, executives will label you difficult if you are a Black woman or a woman who speaks up for themselves,” said Charlamagne.


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