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Chubb Rock Takes Afternoon Drive at New Station

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urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip-hop music radio, black female singers“The Chubb Rock Show with SiMan Baby” to Debut Today on KISS 103.1 from 3pm-7pm EDT

COLUMBIA, SC, September 3, 2019  – CUMULUS MEDIA announces that KISS 103.1/WLXC-FM in Columbia, SC, will debut “The Chubb Rock Show with SiMan Baby” in afternoon drive today. “The Chubb Rock Show with SiMan Baby” is a four-hour daily radio program hosted by hip-hop icon and historian Chubb Rock and radio legend SiMan Baby. Playing a blend of Urban Adult Contemporary hits, the show features listener interaction, celebrity guests and more in a fun and upbeat format. “The Chubb Rock Show with SiMan Baby” will air on KISS 103.1 weekdays from 3pm-7pm EDT.Rick Prusator, Vice President/Market Manager, Cumulus Columbia, said: “Chubb Rock has embraced the South, especially Columbia, and he belongs on KISS 103.1! Our city needs a new spark in the afternoon and KISS 103.1 is the station with the fire to make it happen.” Robyn Simone, Program Director, WLXC-FM, said: “Chubb Rock has the perfect star power KISS 103.1 listeners will love in afternoon drive. Not over the top, but just enough that our listeners will appreciate not only his legendary hip-hop status, but also his commitment to radio. Chubb Rock reminds us why we fell in love with radio in the first place – by entertaining, challenging those community issues, and bringing back the love for the music!“Chubb Rock said: “I’ve been performing for my Columbia family since 1990 in clubs and other venues, including the military base. I couldn’t have imagined that I would have the honor to have Columbia ride with me every day on KISS 103.1. Let’s have fun every day, my family… Weez Here!!”

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