(Caught) Man tackles Man who snatches 87-year-old Woman’s Purse (video)


When you watch this the first thing you think is the guy who took the purse must’ve desperately needed it because he doesn’t even have enough strength to run. Another man comes out of the store tackles him and gets in a couple of good punches.

People from the store come and help as well. Do you also fear for the “hero” in this video? it almost appears that the man who is helping might be at risk especially when it comes to a crime no surprise there.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Watch as a good Samaritan jumps in to help after a man snatched the purse of an 87-year-old woman at an Ohio Kroger parking lot https://bit.ly/3oYJ0wH

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Thursday, December 16, 2021

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