Ebro in the Morning Asked How Much Money Should a Person Pay as a Reward for a Returned Item (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning asked how much money a person should pay as a reward for a returned item. The radio host and a friend made plans to go bicycling. The friend picked him up for the ride, and Ebro loaded his bike in the back of his truck. While loading his bike on the back of the truck, the radio commentator accidentally left his phone on his friend’s truck. Although he left himself a mental reminder to grab his phone, Ebro said he ultimately forgot it. They drove away.

    The enthused bike rider did not realize the cellular device had been left on the back of the truck until they had driven a while. The radio host decided to call his phone, and to his surprise, someone picked up. A man named Bolivad [sic] picked up the phone. Ebro was not sure if he was saying the man’s name correctly. The problem was that the man did not speak English. Ebro was able to get his location and eventually retrieved his cell phone.

    As a thank you for returning his phone, Ebro asked him if he had a cash app. The older adult said no. He was an older gentleman and did not know anything about apps, said Ebro. In the end, Ebro got a hold of some cash and gave the man a reward of $100 . He said he would have given more, but his friend stopped him. Ebro then wanted to know how much is a reasonable reward for a returned item.

    Ebro said, “there are still good people in the world, and Bolivad [sic] is one of them.”

    Rosenberg asked if there was any damage to the phone, and Ebro said the case looked a little mangled, but other than that, everything looked the same. Ebro questioned if $100 was enough money for a reward. The morning showed debated what would be an acceptable amount. Rosenberg said that for any returned item, $100 is “good.” However, the morning show DJ said a cell phone is essential, and he felt it was worth more.


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