Black Men Will teach All Core Courses to Black Students at Philadelphia High School (video)


    Anybody reading this who went to public school in the last 50 years knows the entire system needs a massive overhaul, especially for black children.

    One high school is stepping up to the plate to make an effort to incite a change in the system. The Martin Luther King school in Philadelphia is trying something different to connect with black students this year at the predominately black school.

    Black male teachers believe representation matters and will teach core courses at the school. Black men generally make up less than 2% of the teaching population, and a system like this is long overdue.

    Many students come from broken homes, and the school wants to make it a safe space for them. Many teachers have similar backgrounds and have had challenging pasts when they were growing up.

    They will be teachers, father figures, cheerleaders at games for the students, and more.


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