Things Are Getting Crazy at The Jackson Family Compound


TMZ has obtained the unedited full video of what turned into a confrontation at the Jackson family compound Monday in Calabasas, CA.First you see a friendly greeting with MJ’s kids Paris and Prince getting out of their SUV and shaking hands and hugging a few of their dad’s siblings who arrived in the SUV behind them.But moments later, things turned for the worseThe footage shows Janet confronting Paris … and during the standoff, Janet swipes for Paris’ cell phone twice.Paris charges past Janet … and when Janet attempts to go after Paris, Janet is restrained by her brother Randy.Randy and Janet proceed to hold up their cell phones and record Paris.After the video ends, there was a physical altercation at the home between two family members. Cops arrived to the scene and took a battery report.According to the MJ Estate, Michael’s children have since been moved away from the home and into a secure location.We really hope that is all works out for the better. This family has been through enough.

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