“Follow-Home” Robberies on the Rise


    If you live in the LA area, and you are a successful black male (especially), local authorities are suggesting that you be keenly aware of your surroundings when attending events.

    There has been a rise in follow-home robberies and poliçe are currently investigating more than 100 open cases in the Los Angeles area.

    The way it works is you go to an event, without being aware of your complete surroundings and someone is watching you throughout the evening. When you leave, they follow you home at which point they rob you.

    Actor Terrence J narrowly escaped a follow-home robbery recently at 3 AM when he came home from an event to his San Fernando property in Sherman Oaks California with a guest.

    Both he and his guest were asked to get out of the car. Terrance managed to pull off but was chased less than a mile away from his home while being shot at. Luckily, he came across state troopers and flagged them down for help during the process.

    The trend most certainly started from posting on social media with industry people online showing expensive gifts jewelry and stacks of cash.

    Homes are very easy to trace online. Rapper Pop Smoke was killed on February 19 2020 when a video online appeared of him showing stacks of cash and an address on his luggage in the video (see story attached). To that end, it is strongly advisable not to reveal anything on social media about where you’re living, your money, your jewelry or when you are leaving for vacation.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact RHD 213-486-6840 or 1877 LAPD – 247 1-877-527-3247. There are still several industry events taking place in Los Angeles especially during the awards season it is advisable to be careful of your surroundings.

    Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee but one way you might protect yourself is to decide to get a hotel room instead of coming straight home after the event which in LA would not be farfetched considering the massive traffic.


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