Apple Music Is Coming To Amazon Echo Speakers


Radio Facts:

Starting the week of December 17, Apple Music will be Available on Amazon’s Echo.

The announcement comes from a blog that was published by Amazon. According to the announcement, subscribers will be able to enjoy Apple Music’s 500 million songs on Echo devices.

Users will be able to ask Alexa to songs, radio shows, and Beats 1 shows through Apple Music.

Customers who are Apple Music’s subscribers can ask Alexa to play any track from Apple’s catalog of music, or any playlist made by Apple Music’s editors.

The integration is big news since Apple sells its own smart speaker, the HomePod. Although Apple has their own smart speakers, their speakers haven’t sold well compared to Amazon Echo or Google’s Home speaker. The HomePod only shipped 600,000 units compared to 4 million Echos and 2.4 million Google Home according to a Q1 2018 report. The report was done by researchers Strategy Analytics.

This integration also helps Apple better compete with Spotify. Spotify also premium service available through Echo. Spotify has 83 million subscribers while Apple has about 50 million.

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