Mo Amer Visit The Breakfast Club Radio Show And Talks About His Netflix Special "The Vagabond"


“I was a refugee for many years. It took me 20 years to get my citizenship.”

Mo Amer visits The Breakfast Club Radio Show and talks about his Netflix Special “The Vagabond.”Amer explains why he named his show “The Vagabond.” He explains that he was a refugee and how it took a long time to get his citizenship. He also states that he used to travel the world without a passport, but had a refugee travel document. Some countries didn’t know what the travel document was, and he would be in interrogations.He also talks about the time his plane seat was upgraded to first class and sat next to Eric Trump. Amer goes into detail about this experience on the plane and posting the picture with Trump on social media. He explains that he tried to drink with Eric Trump on the plane, but Trump drank two bloody maries and went to sleep.The comedian talks about working and going on tour with Donnell Rawlings, his process of becoming a citizen, working odd jobs and more.Mo Amer is a stand-up comedian and writer of Palestinian descent.You can watch the full interview down below.[youtube]

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